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Monday, October 5, 2009

Night Photography Tips with point and shoot camera

I carry camera around almost everywhere i go, either 'the 4 years back Canon dslr model' or my trusty point and shoot 'Canon ixus' (well..Canon is my favorite) or i carry both along.

Sometime,is not always the right situation that i can carry the bulky slr,so my point and shoot will be the alternative.

Some tips for my future reference about Point and Shoot (P & S) especially when to capture night photos without tripod.

1) Long Shutter speed

Luckily my Ixus have ability to adjust the shutter speed in M mode.Trust me, the result is better than auto night scene mode.

2) Used different shutter speed

As i remember,longer shutter speeds will bring in more light.

3) Find something sturdy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Playing assists Learning

'Pretend play is a precursor to reading comprehension. Children who are active in pretending are better at understanding what they are reading or what they are being read.'

ok..lets talk about Myza.

Myza love and constantly playing at pretend

Being a girl,she is really into girly thing like doll,ballerina,kitchen set,princess,dress-up and so on.

Most of the time she play pretending with her doll. She was acting like her Mama, saying/acting some of the same things to the doll that i always said/did to her.

So damn cute...

I should encouraging Myza to play pretend because at the same time she is learning.

Myza's baby,Millie

She comfort and lull her baby.

Try to teach her a lesson.

Make her babies sleep....(oh Millie got twin)

Bathed her baby

Nursing her baby..

She’s my replica! hahaha..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dreamy and funny eyes


CRW_5367_RJ copy

Step 1: First open any image
Step 2: Duplicate the layer, go to Layer> Duplicate or press Ctrl+J and change the blending mode of the new layer to Screen.
Step 3: Now add a layer mask to the top layer so go to Layer> Add Layer Mask> Reveal All.
Step 4: Make sure the layer mask is activated. The thumbnail of the layer mask in the layer window should have a white border around it. If it does not, click on the thumbnail to activate the layer mask.
Step 5: With the layer mask activated, go to Image>
Apply Image and use these settings:

Step 6: Click on the thumbnail of the top layer to deactivate the layer mask. With the top layer selected, go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur. Make sure that the preview checkbox is checked and increase the radius slider until the desired effect is achieved.
Step 7: Add another layer mask but Photoshop will only allow one raster layer mask per layer. To get around this, simply group the layer so go to Layer> Group Layers or press Ctrl+G and add a layer mask go to Layer> Layer Mask> Reveal All, to the new group created.
Step 8: Click on the thumbnail of the new layer mask. With the layer mask selected, use the Apply Image so go to Image> Apply Image tool to apply the entire image to the layer mask and apply these settings:

Funny Eyes

CRW_5393_RJ copy

Step 1: Open a photo.
Step 2: Create a new layer and rename the layer as "left eye".
Then draw a circle with the Eliptical Marquee Tool in the left eye of the cat while holding SHIFT key to get a perfect circle.
Step 3: Fill the selection with white color.
Now double click the "left eye" layer to choose Blending Options and use these settings:

Step 4: Create another layer and rename it as "left eye circle".
Then select the Eliptical Marquee Tool and draw a circle over the last circle a little smaller while holding SHIFT key.
Fill the background with color, eg color #2c0505.
Step 5: The left eye almost finished.
Duplicate both layers to make the right eye in the same way.
Move the layers to get the effect and finished.

Thank Myza..for being my model.:)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Having an indoor activities, might get bored sometimes.

Myza love outdoor,like we do,she is extremely excited when she know we going to take her for a walk. We love taking her to the park and watching her run and play around until she out of breath.

I had planned ahead to take Myza for picnic and prepared a branch (Fried kuew tiaw),some fruits, a couple cans of Nescafe-Guarana for me (for the drive),tit bits,small pail and net (the park has a crystal clear river which has alot of shrimp and small fish,the major reason why i bring Myza to the park)

That day was a beautiful and perfect morning for some fresh air!

To reach our picnic spot that day,approximately half and hour drive from our place. Since I hadn't been to the park in so long, I knew it would be an adventure for us plus it was Sunday,the park full with a lot of peoples.

I was pleased to find an area set up with large wooden tables and chairs. Not cozy,but convenient.

We unpacked the food and start eating once we got such a nice spot to eat.

After finished all our food,we strolled along and played game like cat-mouse,chase,tag,touch the trees/grass. Myza was super happy run around and scream.

The best part was catching shrimp and small fish at the shallow river. Myza was fascinated with the net once she watch me using the net to catch the shrimp and a lots of shrimp get caught on the net. I just let her do whatever she wanted to do. She had fun anyway and i can see excitement on her face. She had a good time even though she get wet and got no shrimp at all to put in our aquarium.

I just really happy and relieved that that weekend has turned out as good as it has. She is completely wiped out by the time we get home.

Taman Tasik Lembah Kiara...the park name

Yeah..mama bring Myza to the park..

Our Picnic basket



She enjoy the atmosphere


You want some??




You can't catch me..mama..

Mama where are you?

The clear water stream..a lots of shrimp in there

Lets put our things on the time!!!

Myza tried to catch some shrimp..



Myza got so-called shrimp..(It is sand honey...)




It was fun day..look! Myza got wet..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mama and myza 01




Do we look alike?

Friday, September 4, 2009

papa's 28th birthday dinner

We are the food lover! this year,as for papa's birthday dinner we prefer for something that not too heavy, at the same time kids can enjoy too.

Where else a place nearby,have a cool,family oriented dining and at the same time have a night playground?

Well,at last we decided to have our celebration at Pulau Ketam Steamboat@Desa Parkcity,just a stone away from our house.

It was Saturday Night,the place was jam packed full with cars at parking lot plus the restaurant was really busy, we thought we would have to wait forever for a table, but we were pleasantly surprised when they seated us right away.



Myza with her cyber shoes,from parking lot to restaurant.


Kids been seated



The service was quick and efficient,maybe because this restaurant had plenty of competent waiters and waitresses and our food was served right away.



Kids overstimulated after dinner


Myza asked our permission to play at playground,when she saw a lot of kids played there.









Play time!




Tired Myza


At last having papa's special request..Transformer Chocolate Cake..Yummy!Everybody seem full that night.


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