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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

satanic kid?

T-shirt satan, originally uploaded by julianacj.

Before Myza was born, I'll let my baby listen to nice wording Gothic rock songs while she's still in my tummy. hahaha..yeah i'm kinda lost mind, hence i was confident there will be greater chances for my baby to be a genius and grown up with rock music rather to listen to Mozart or Beethoven even there was a proof, baby become smarter after listened to this kind of music while in the mom's belly, but as a Muslim,it better to let our unborn baby listen to beautiful heart trembling Quran recitation. I did it as well to my baby.

Lets straight to the point,

I fed-up of noisy people trying to interfere with our life and tend to have a negative view of parent who give their kid listening to rock/Gothic music?Why?Because they called it the 'devil' music' .

The most stupid f**ed up person I've ever heard of!

We let Myza listens (even sing along sometime) to Gothic,hardcore,grunge,indie and even black metal,but we still have our belief and faith in Allah, and we never mix it up with our likings, including our interest in rock/goth ism. It actually won’t affect the quality of us living our life as a Muslim.

Hell no, I feel no sin to listen to Cradle Filth or even Dimmu borgir or Black Sabbath.

So what? We just feel nothing wrong with it,the problem is people associate listen to black Metal/Gothic are usually Satanist. hmm.mmmm...

Here are our favorite band on earth and Myza sing along song...satanic???dun u think??

and our favourite animation:

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Again for this Saturday, we been invited by Yanie to her house for lunch. Literally,she is good in cooking but seldom doing that because she have a eat-less husband and son,and also preparing herself to lose weight. Being forced by me and Lyn,we asked her to cook on that particular day.Yeassss!!

Salad and mix tomyam as main dishes,chocolate cake as desert.

Unlike last week,this week, (Myza and me) accompanied by my friend who is 6 months carrying baby in her belly, Lyn and her daughter,Husna. Haven't see her in ages! Spontaneous, it was a mommies with kids gathering day.

Myza,Aniq(Yanie's son) and Husna,had a good opportunity to bond. The mommies did not lose time to bond as well.

The toddlers had a good time playing while we chatted. Mommies actually have a lot of thing to share,story and gossip. :) (sigh)

We let our kids played together at one corner,while we load up our tummy with delicious chicken salad and mix tom yam. Really kick our ass!




A bit about my best buddies:


The cheeky one,we have known each other since we were13 years old but we're personally get close when we're 16. She used to be my neighborhood friend that time,and we spend most of our time together hang-around to nearest town,went to tuition class, major in computer and not to forget we did a lot of silly things together.Hope Yanie still remind all of this.

She has a very nice personality ,a wonderful sense of humor, self-confessed friendly and very talkative person even with strangers. I can always count on her to be honest and to give me the best advice.

Times change by. Our lives a bit hectic with our own personal life and career, we still make time to see each other. It started when she moved near to my work place.


The dwarf,hehehe..the most shortest friend i have. Like Yanie,been knowing her since we were 13 and she used to be my housemate before we get attached with our man. She lovely,kinda slow-mo attitude, a chatterbox, my kitchen helper and the onion peeler,trustworthy,honest, and caring. A lot of thing we shared together when she was my housemate.

Two of them are such an amazing friends. Almost 16 years now since I met them, but it seems like its been a lifetime.

Once, i had a childhood best friend,when in my primary school,in the age of 9 to 12. We were in the same class,played jumprope with our few of friend at school field and played thief and cop. Not only during school time,even after school,we loved to go to neighborhood town,just want to eat the 0.50 cent bowl of noodle near the bus stand.The most part I'll never forget,we were the only two wore glasses in school.:)
Then came the day,after our primary year,we got separated,she went to different school. Until she and family moved away. From that time,i never heard any news from her.

As years went by,one day,i got a sms. I was shocked and clueless,it was from my childhood best friend. She been worked as a banker that time and she got my contact number from the bank data. Thank god! for ages,i tried to find her and suddenly in years 2006 god paid my wish.

Now,we are back in touch, and remembering the funny,good and bad things from our past days.

She used to be my best buddy,and i still wish we'll still best friend or close friend that used to be with in times of happiness and events in my lives. But to be frank,I've realized we're not as close as we used too. And one of the reason i think is because we missed half of our journey together. This makes me feels slightly awkward when ever we tried to be together. Perhaps, she feel the same too. I'm try to figure out,how can i fix this? Or am i the bad girl in this friendship?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

kids and handphone

IMG_1628, originally uploaded by julianacj.

Why most parents giving their second hand- handphones to their children at such an early age? is it necessary?

I think i dun want to give such a luxury to Myza in early age.

I've seen,most of the kids nowadays,have their own handphone as early as 8 years old or maybe younger.

Personally, i have nothing against it,but the issue for me, type of handphone they are carry. For me,handphone for such kid should only be as basic as it can be not a fancy one.

Myza will grow up soon,i think i'm not giving her a handphone before she going to college/university, this is because ,when she at home or outside, she should be with an adult, and of cause the adult that she been with,should be contactable by handphone.

So,i'm totally against.'kids need handphone'

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

nanny day care

myza n friends, originally uploaded by julianacj.

Photo of my daughter and her playmate clung together with kids-lover dude at nanny's house.
These cute kids including Myza call him 'ayah@dad'. .'oh well,he is a father to all kids there'

Overall,i am very happy with Along (Myza's nanny) to watch over my daughter while i am at work. She's mother of four kids,who is really high energy,loving and she have a lot of patience.

Along is not Myza's first nanny by the way. Myza's first nanny was our next door neighbour,she move out to other place without a notice when Myza 10 months old.

I was frustrated and disappointed,she wasn't a bad nanny! what i heard from my other neighbour,her husband took out loan from a loan shark,and can't tolerate been harassed,she and her family move to unknown place.

It took more than a week to find a new and right nanny for Myza, until my friend introduced me to her sister who took care of her son that time.

New episode for Myza in adaption of a new environment and new nanny.

The first 3 months was a tough months for both of us,but we're so thankful,because the nanny was so patience.

Till now,i keep sending Myza to her nanny-house,even most people said,i should send her to pre-school. We have our own reason why i dun sent Myza to pre school yet @ maybe i just home-scholling Myza? *wink*

Even she been taking care by home-nanny,doesn't mean she can't learn and socialize like in pre school.

Myza and her playmate (nanny's 5 years old daughter ) have a schedule for the day at nanny's house ( of cause is not as formal like school),like play,nap,watch tv,snack (the nanny always give Myza@ her kids healthy snack),mealtime,crafts,coloring,books,singing and get to nearest park sometimes.

The nanny do a great job of creating a safe,caring,healthy and fun environment for Myza,where she is learning so much everyday.

This is not what have Myza learn from her nanny,i was in a state of bloody-mood that time.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a hot day

IMG_8783 copy, originally uploaded by julianacj.

Myza was hot and tired of having caught in jam almost an hour.
she asked for ice cream
ok,papa gave her an ice cream
after she ate half of Milo ice cream,she asked for the plain water.

'Water tastes better than anything else on a hot day'

Sunday, April 12, 2009

dramatic portrait trial...

This blog is 100% not relate to this super cool band on earth.
I just like the word of 'Juliana Theory', cool and nice,beside my name before the theory.

Beside of something that i addicted to, 'Juliana theory' is a blog about my personal life,work,and not to forget the persons that i love most. more photos on my flickr.

(original photos)

1) duplicate the layer and make level adjustment.
2) channel palette,select 'blue' channel.
returned to the layers palette and pasted that selection into a new layer
4) changed the blend mode to “overlay,” and then applied the Unsharp Mask filter
select the “Soft Light” blend
6) copy of the original layer, place it on top of the layer stack
7) Gaussian blur, and apply the “multiply” blend mode.

8) Add a curves adjustment layer

(The final)
A bit stronger i think. hmmm...

Tis is the collection of Myza's in limited edition Levis head-cover in papa's car,on her way t
o visit grandpa. Got caught in massive traffic jam,so i played with my camera and myza give a nice poses as well.

(Opppsss...i should keep my mouth shut..)

(Haaahhaha..i can't stand,i need to speak out!)

(It’s never going to happen. I’m a mouthy chick. I am what I am.)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

juliana's intro

hai..again in my new blog, the old one kinda sooooo lame and bored.

i'm currently in progress of learning and majoring in photography, and i addicted to that, including photo editing as well.

i'm not a professional photographer or graphic or multimedia student,i learn by myself with much help from basic to advance photoshop tutorial in world wide web. what i do is, i just follow the step by step, and if i found the result is impressive...i keep repeating until i faint with boredom and exhausted.

**Again,keep promising to myself,i'll try my best to shoot, to edit,to publish every week.


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