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Friday, May 29, 2009

Call me a psycho freak...

I am a typical full-time working mom,and have my job at the office from 9am -6pm from Monday to Friday and 9am-1pm on Saturday,plus a part-time unpaid jobs at home as chief, dishwasher, laundress and housekeeper. AND the most IMPORTANT,I DON'T TRUST/ NEED MAID.

Dealing with my 24 hours seems very tricky. Almost everyday i like a chicken running around with my head cut off. There are too many things on my to-do list every day.Even my daily schedules are jam packed and not everything on my to-do list is getting done,BUT,the satisfaction of having things done by myself can't be describe by words.

I am so anal retentive when it comes to house cleaning/organize,even Myza's papa always call me a 'obsessive and compulsive psycho freak with vacuum seamlessly extended in my hand as he said i was born with it '. For me,tidiness and cleanliness is a virtue, and i do like having a clean and well-organized house everyday. I think my mental space is devoted every day to keeping things under control and sometime my life become miserable because of this. DAMN!

Here are a quick breakdown what i have to do to ensure my house in a good order:

1) Mop the kitchen floor, clean the wall, stove, condiment and seasoning jars,empty the food waste trash right after every single meal i cooked. I hate of grease-feel -floor,wall and seasoning jar and unpleasant smell.

2) Vacuum,scrub, polish, wash, dust, sanitize the floor,carpet,bedsheets, and entire corner of the house. I hate especially amounts of strands hair at the floor/bedsheets. ( I do vacuum almost everyday/alternate day,scrub/polish/sanitize once in 2 days especially bathrooms)

Laundry and ironing. (Bath towel on Monday,kitchen towel+doormat on Tuesday,white on Wednesday,color+house dresses on Thursday and Friday,bedsheets on Sunday/Saturday,curtain twice a week on Sunday,i do ironing everyday,included every single thing of Myza wore, Myza's papa shirts/his and my work clothes,pants,house dresses, and as well as underwear.)

4) Wipe/clean all fans,switches,door handles,furniture,cupboard,refrigerator and other hide-stuff on Sunday,once a week.

I've post my cleaning checklist on refrigerator, so that i can remember what i am supposed to do on what day because i think the checklist makes me easier to organize and manage my household chores stress free.

I like having my home organized, neat and clean everyday. I like when i come home from work,i can still smell the aromatherapy from the floor that i used to mop before leave to work.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


i was very impressed with Emila's artwork,this morning i visit her blog and her latest update is graffiti application,so i try it on.

p/s: i'm interested in how other people draw illustrator, and am especially bad when it comes to use mouse to draw...

Monday, May 18, 2009

My weekend on18th May

My laziest Sunday,really dunno what to do this weekend,I tried to do something interesting like bring Myza to Sentul West for photo shoot. But again,i'm soooo lazy. But,there were nothing special than spent my weekend with my family at home:)

Lazy mom's lunch recipes. Fried fish egg+salted fish,singgang style beaf,fresh curly salad with tempoyak,and the desert,mango and pear.simple but nice. :)

Myza's facial expressions of boredom.

papa sleepy and bored as hell face.

potato, originally uploaded by julianacj.

How come i never had potato head when i was a kid. One of Myza's favorite toy. It's provide much fun and laughter to her.Me either love to play with Mr potato head.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

stressful week but i'd made it..

I wanted to post, since I had a very 'bad week' last week. The most stressful week for this year.

1) My brother have been engaged for 1 year and will getting married in June this year,but he cancel his wedd at the last moment,(he and his fiancee had a huge fight about dowry,to be specific,her fiancee ask for double amount at last minute) which mean, my family will losing a TON of money, most of preparation had been made for that particular date.

My bro's weed is canceled! which is fine for me. (i think he dun deserve to get married with F***ing a**hole gal,and thank god its canceled!) but likewise i just cannot understand the venom from her side (my bro x fiancee) who ask for huge amount of money from my brother and my family! HELLO!!!!

How on earth they can show their faces and ask the money from my family? what type of people are they?

***so sorry to my family,i really can't help them with 'money',but I'll be the shoulder to cry on.

2) I need to finish up 6 different designs/concept in 4 days. I crack my head almost everyday and night,at first,i couldn't give 100% commitment with this job,cuz Myza's papa had blocked the Internet access to my laptop,( we had an argument and not spoken to each other). I only can access thru Myza's pc which is using on-screen keyboard and the monitor is about 5 ft tall

*** at last,he called me when i was in the office,just one simple call, we back to normal again.(sometime,fighting can actually make our relationship stronger, closer, and better than ever),and also,manage to finish up the designs on time

Thursday, May 14, 2009

oh god..

i'm stress!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

How much do you love your mother?

IMG_0460 copy, originally uploaded by julianacj.

We going to celebrate mother's day on second Sunday this month. Which is on 10th.

Well..i do love my mom, but never did/give her anything on that special day. As usual on this Mother's day,I'll send her a short sms,telling her that i love her very much, no matter what i have done in my life,i have put her through a lot,she is an inspiration to me. In fact, i appreciate her more each day. Miss u Mama...

How much do i love my mom? countless...and how much do i love my mother's earth?????What can i do to show my love to her?or did I hurt her.

I'm not try to be an environmentalist,because 'i'm not insensitive,but i just dun give a damn' kinda person, doesn't mean, i dun care and dun give a damn bout it.

I'd strange feeling when i heard this song and it happened when Myza tried to sing-along. Why not i try to educate Myza protecting Mother's Earth,from the lyric to reality.

But How???

For the sake of Mother Earth,we trying our best to:

1) Shut off the lights and water when we not using it
2) Use Jusco recycle bag whenever we buy our groceries, so we don't need to get plastic bags.
3) Take a speed showers. Reduce to 10 minute instead of 15 minute. (i'm trying ok...i'm the one who always take a long shower)
4) Recycle...recycle...anything we can,especially plastic bags,paper,
5) Encourage my clients,not just water feature,you must have green at your compound area.
6) Potty train Myza,reduce of diapers used.

Is that all?well..that what i could think for time being,maybe more list in 'How much do you love your mother part ii'

ok.Time for us to sing-along..daaa

Friday, May 1, 2009

dreamy adib

Single adib

Adib and Myza

I want to dedicate this photo to my childhood best friend and her son. Came across this photo when i tried to organize my digital photos collection this morning.

He such an adorable boy which is look alike her mummy :)))


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