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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to enjoy dine out with kids

We loved dining out,sometime lil' bit tricky when a restaurant that we'd choose not so child-friendly restaurant.

There are a few tips and tricks to keep Myza happy while we dine out.

I must make sure that:

1) Pack a tricks for Myza before head off to restaurant. (usually i pack a book.pen,marker and some toys)

IMG_3043 copy

(Myza's happy face,on the way to our favorite restaurant)

2) Choose family oriented restaurant,forget the candle-lit ambience.

3) Order kid's menu and ask the waiter if the kitchen can prepare the kid's meal quickly/ if i bring over some cracker/nuts let her munch while wait for her meal.

4) If she getting restless,its time for a bag of tricks.
(Myza love to draw)

IMG_3119 copy


IMG_3126 copy

(Myza with her goody pack)

5) Make sure Myza's drink preferably in a kid friendly cup, or a small glass.

IMG_3132 copy

(Lots of places completely ignore the kid and just bring a tall glass like this to the table)

6) Ask for separate set of silverware.
(as a toddler, she wants to feed herself with utensils.)

A small plate for Myza.

Extra tissue. ( prepare for the mishap, spill, or mess).

From experience,i've learned to ask all of this up front,so i don't have to wait or flag down the waiter/waitress. Myza old enough,sometime she asks for these things by her own.

IMG_3141 copy

(Myza's drawing while waiting for order)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bugis Street

4th days of fasting month today. Hmm..another 26 days to go.

Myza is asleep in her bed,on the new soft Barbie pillow under her arm.

Already 9.30pm,i should sleep too because i need to wake up at 4am for Sahur (maybe beef soup,egg,salted fish and watermelon for Sahur meal tomorrow) but my stomach bit full. So i can't sleep rite now.

Another past event entry i think....

2) Our dad's day celebration

Dad's day lunch at Bugis Street Restaurant nearby my parent in law house.
The food was terrible! (being honest ok) and the price? NOT WORTH IT!

Damn sure it was our first and last dine in there...

The awful meals experience happened here

Menu booklet

At first..impressed by the food varieties


Dun get fool by the presentation...tasteless yogurt/dadih with eeeuuuw choc ice cream


Bad Cantonese kuew tiaw (if i not mistaken)


Asam laksa or laksa penang?whatever it was..this one would be ok,6 out of 10.

Yee comment..

The 1st man..of the day


The 2nd man of the day


Even the food was terrible..(terrible is bad word rite). But,we praise to Allah,with His will,we managed to celebrate our 4th year Dad's day this year together.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Past Event

I know my blog has been very dead,bored and plain,never been updating my blog because i'm either too tired or too lazy to do so. Time flies quite fast when i had actually lost track of time. I have a lot of things to be update but like i said,i'm too lazy.

Well, i'm having my break now.

Since H1N1 become more serious,better to lock up inside the house this weekend
staying at home rotting and watching Tv.

We had a lot of eventful things that happened last month,now would like to do some photos post.

1) Pre Dad's day celebration

Pre-dad's day dinner with my uncle's family @ Island Red Cafe(IRC).

My uncle eagerly want us to have dinner there, BECAUSE he actually IRC's shareholder who are purposely bring us there to coax us to join the IRC marketing plan,in other word to join MLM. Because of the relationship,we joined as his downline by purchased a dine card worth, rm360.

I don't hate MLM neither do i like MLM. In most of MLM,sales is basically everything. I'm not into MLM because I personally do not have talent in sales. Before I reject the IRC marketing plan,i did listen to my uncle.

' Join as member for RM360, and directly bring the family to any IRC outlet (Lucky one of them just near by at our place) and dine in there, and you entitle for 15% discount if you pay by cash,once you get the IRC member card,will rebate directly from your account. Which mean,for rm360,you get rm300 meal voucher,RM60 for membership'

To be frank, we join it because of the '15% discount' and i love their toast,their variety of foods,the environment,free wi-fi and their coffee as i'm a coffee junkie and i love to eat. :)


The kids (my Myza with my uncle's daughter)

Before the order came..

The food..

Myza love their Lai Chi Kang

My uncle with his small daughter

I like this Arabian toast,only cost Rm1 per set

The delightful ambiance

The man.

Happy kids played Mary-Jack

Played hide n seek

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Night Photography Tips

What are our tools in night photography?

1. Tripod. While not always necessary,a tripod will give the greatest flexibility to get the angles while keeping camera steady for those long exposures.

2. Wide-angle lenses.

3. A lens hood. To minimize lens flares from light entering at angles outsider the frame.

4. A flashlight. Sometimes want to draw attention to or simply lighten up an important part of the foreground which is too dark.

5. Our imagination. Tools lie all around us in everyday objects to help us make our work better in this; Used bicycle lamps, lampposts and newspaper boxes to get it done.

The same composition rules that apply to day apply to night, except with night we have our long exposures to take advantage of.


The beautiful leading lines of Vancouver’s Public Library make it a photogenic building any time of day, but the diminishing light and soft cast at night makes it an even more attractive subject. Notice the green lens flare in the top corner – this may have been avoided by removing the filter or having a faster shutter speed. The jury’s out. This was a 30 second exposure at f/22.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family comes First..



I hate of being super busy..yes..i'm busy and have too many things to do and no time left over for myself.

I need a motivation..

My days are loaded with commitments..

I'm sick of my routine...

Never ending...

But i have goals,to myself and my family

God..give my a strength

I can do it!!...insyallah..amin


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