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Monday, October 5, 2009

Night Photography Tips with point and shoot camera

I carry camera around almost everywhere i go, either 'the 4 years back Canon dslr model' or my trusty point and shoot 'Canon ixus' (well..Canon is my favorite) or i carry both along.

Sometime,is not always the right situation that i can carry the bulky slr,so my point and shoot will be the alternative.

Some tips for my future reference about Point and Shoot (P & S) especially when to capture night photos without tripod.

1) Long Shutter speed

Luckily my Ixus have ability to adjust the shutter speed in M mode.Trust me, the result is better than auto night scene mode.

2) Used different shutter speed

As i remember,longer shutter speeds will bring in more light.

3) Find something sturdy


Ann said...


nice photos on yr blog.. jelesnyaaaa...Huhuhu
I currently planning to buy dslr, maybe u can give me some tips on buying dslr or recommend something at range below rm3k.. err.. izzit enough for starter pack? :-)

Blogku said...

hello, I just found your blog. Inspiring enough.

mancai said...

nice tips huh!

amit said...

the pics in your blog are interesting..the tips on night photography is helpful..waiting for more such helpful tips..


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